About Us

TMR Designs aim to deliver products that give the best experience in the industries we serve. We strive to develop products which offer innovation and advancements in their fields of technology.

TMR Designs was formed in 2010 by three good friends with a common love of cycling, mountain biking and the outdoors. Combining a passion for these sports with professional backgrounds in Engineering, Product Design and Business Development provided an ideal platform to create new, innovative and exciting products. Growing up in the Lake District has provided a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. We continue to do this and we test our new products regularly in some of the harshest conditions in the UK.

Our mission is to develop innovative and exciting new ideas into high end ground breaking products that will deliver the ultimate in style and function. Instead of simply recreating what has been done already and putting our name on it, we want to develop new exciting products with high end spec.

To us, TMR Designs is not just a business. It exemplifies the embodiment of friendship, synergistic thinking, and enthusiasm for cycling and healthy living, TMR is a lifestyle. We hope you enjoy our new products as much as we enjoy creating them.